Hempfest Canada Press Release.

From Robert Willy-Jack Neron, May 21st, 2017.

Its comes a time in life where one need to make decisions.
Lack of MONEY and lack of Sponsorship is Killing Hempfest.
We are at 90 days mark, prior to an Annual Event dedicated to Medical Marijuana, yet not ONE company sent a single dollar.


I can no longer afford to pay for it out my own little pension.
So Hempfest dies this year , lack of UP FRONT MONEY from Sponsors is the cause, not the lack of interest by the owner.
Its like Sponsors dint remember its at the end of August and needed yearly reminders.. to then send $250..our minimum sponsorship.
It is no longer worth my efforts and health.

Hempfest dies and Robert Neron retires completely from any Activism…its all about money now…not the cause that was dear to me.

Thank You to all that were Loyal to Hempfest, right up to last year..to those a BIG BIG Thank YOU.
Loyalty is whats all about.
Thank you to all the previous Sponsors , THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Many awesome memories that will never be forgotten.
To all the Group who played the Festival in 18 years…THANK YOU.
Thank You to Robert Woody Waddell for starting this Festival 19 years ago.
Thank You for your time. Thank You for believing in Medical Marijuana.
I , for my self, i have other dreams i need to achieve and pursue and i can only give my self fully to only one place at a time…and sadly to say Hempfest is no longer my priority, lack of funds is the main reason.
If you want the Festival , don’t be shy , let me know, it will be a pleasure to gift The Festival to you , officially in a nice official letter.
With this, I officially retire from all form of Activism.
20 years i given myself at my own cost to this industry and its time for a change.

Thank You all

Robert Willy-Jack Neron

PS: Yes, this means there is NO Party here this summer or any other summer. No Good bye Party as i have no money.